2019 NLP Practitioner, Master Track Certifications

NLP Life Coach/ behavioral Specialist


Become an NLP Practitioner, NLP Life Coach, NLP Behavioral Specialist and learn effective techniques to assist others in accessing their abilities to obtain goals and change unwanted behaviors

In  a series of eight weekends, participants will be thoroughly instructed  in the powerful communication techniques of NLP.  Participants are  trained to observe behavior and to identify unconscious thinking  patterns in others. The skills include breaking down any behavior into  its basic elements and assisting others to rearrange their thought patterns to produce behavioral change in different contexts, personally and professionally.


Interventions Learned in the Practitioner Level:

Phobias   *  Anxiety  *  Smoking  *  Stress  *  Learning Disorders  *  Self  Esteem *  Motivation   Weight Loss  *  Traumatic Memories  *   Compulsions  *  Limited Beliefs  *  Etc... 

(Including Business Applications)

2019 NLP Practitioner Certification Training


Tuition:    $3,295 ($2,995 if paid in advance)  Includes Certification Testing

A deposit of $995 will reserve a place in the training

To receive the early registration discount, payment in full must be 

received 14 days prior to the start of the training.

8 Weekends  Sat. & Sun. (9:30am -5pm). Every 1st and 3rd weekend of the month.

NLP Practitioner, Master Track Certifications

Learn How to Rewire Your Brain for Relationships, Wealth, Health, Weight, Stress, Energy, Sleep

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